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Beginning in 2008, DSTP started holding a week-long workshop for the project team members and several invited younger scholars and graduate students. The venue for the workshop is IMEC (Institut Mémoires de l’Édition Contemporaine)located on the grounds of the former Abbaye d’Ardenne, outside of Caen, France. Starting in 2009, the workshop was supported for three years by the DSTP’s NEH grant and was able to host 16 participants, typically including the 6 team members, 3 junior scholars, and 6 graduate students. This format has been maintained every year since.

The workshop has two principal aims: first, it is an opportunity for the DSTP team to study and review together the volume of the series currently in process of translation; second, it provides intensive training for potential future translators of series volumes.

derridaOver the six days of the workshop, discussions are devoted to study and analysis of Derrida’s French text alternating with sessions taken up with close readings of a draft of the translation. DSTP is committed to the thought that the process of having 16 people work collectively on these translations has significantly raised the level of accuracy of the translations prepared in this way.

If you value the work we are doing, please consider making a donation to DSTP to help fund the annual workshop.